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T-bonz stopped by The Shoppe to sign us up for their cupcake eating contest on July 4th. She picked up a few of their product:

Flavors here are: Chocolate on Chocolate, Lemon, Vanilla on Vanilla, and Death By Chocolate. The DBC looks to be a chocolate cake topped by chocolate frosting, the frosting is covered by chocolate chips, and then the thing is drizzled by a chocolate sauce.

Here is the Vanilla on Vanilla. Look how the frosting is taller than the cake itself is. And below is the VOV cut in half. The cake is beefier than most normal cupcakes. And the frosting, wow.

So I wonder how the competition cupcakes will be.



Blogger Bear Silber said...

Haha, that's a heap load of frosting! Are you a frosting person?

Can't beat $100 bill topping

Anonymous Shamz said...

Oh wow - those are some good lookin' cupcakes!

Anonymous erb said...

Probably full after one huh?


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