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Another Blast

In my trip review from the Nathan's qualifier in Tempe in 2007 I had an interesting photo. Here it is along with the comment about it.

I showed T-bone [now T-bonz!] this one, and ran the comment I was going to post by her. She, being of much better judgment than I, said DON'T. So I won't make the comment about a Kung Fu sign being in the window of Planned Parenthood and relating that to their abortion methods. I won't do that so you can say whatever you want to about that.


Anonymous T-bonz said...

Again, I say..."do not post.". You're in big trouble!

Anonymous Mega Munch said...

There's a Kung Fu Buffet just outside Tempe. You always assume Chinese food is made with cats, but maybe this restaurant has found another source for its "Beef" Lo Mein.

(Oh yeah, I went there. Sorry T-bonz.)

Anonymous T-bonz said...

Oh, Munch...I thought I liked you :) Ha ha ha!!!


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