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KFC Double Down

It's finally here! Debut day for the Double Down sandwich at KFC!

Getting ready

Guapo and I are set. He ordered the combo meal with a fried Double Down. I got one fried Double Down and one grilled Double Down. Each sandwich is $4.99!

And for that $4.99 you get two slices of white cheese, two strips of bacon, and the special Colonel sauce, which are all in between two buns. The buns are not your run-of-the-mill bread. They're chicken breasts! Great concept, but this doesn't work for me.

Guaps snuck the first bite

I started with the fried Double Down. It actually wasn't too bad. The cheese wasn't too good, the bacon was flavorless, the sauce is like Thousand Islands, and the breast buns, though juicy (read: oily), were too thick and do not smoosh down the way bread buns do.


So, each separate part of the fried Double Down is really less than stellar. On to the grilled Double Down to see if it's the same.

Uh, here it goes.

This look says it all.

Last bite. Couldn't come soon enough.

Actually the fried sandwich is "better", well relatively, than the grilled. But the official KFC nutritional information - calories - for these sandwiches has got to be WAY off. 540 for the fried and 460 for the grilled?!? My guess for the fried: 2 X 100 cheese, 100 sauce, 200 bacon, 2 X 300 patties. Um, that's 1100 minimum. Grilled, I would guess the same as fried except the patties are maybe 400 or 500. So 900 or 1000. No way they are 540 and 460.




Blogger machete said...

A-bomb, I'll get you photos of the "New Mexico Stomper", and of Pete attempting it. Nobody has done it before. kick ass blog btw. :D

Also, have you heard of the "Brick Lane Restaurant" in New York City? Indian restaurant, with the "fal challenge"
Hottest curry in the world, they use a gas mask to cook it.

Blogger A-Bomb said...

Cool manl, those pix will be great!!

And yeah, I've heard about the challenge at Brick Lane. I'd love to try it if I'm ever there.. NYC scares the shit out of me.. Take me home country roads......


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