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Pink's in Las Vegas

While in Las Vegas to attempt the B3 burrito challenge at the Sahara, one must-go was to Pink's Hot Dogs in the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino.

There were a few crazy concoctions but I decided to go with a traditional one:

Polish with chili, mustard and onions

Planning my bite

OK. Go. And the side of fries.

Open mouth. Insert hot dog.

1/2-dog bite

Cleaning up the fallen


All gone.

Overall, not that impressed. A tasty enough Polish chili dog, but nothing really phenomenal about it that you can't get anywhere else. Meh.



Blogger BREAKFAST LOVE said...

I'm wondering since Las Vegas has a lot of the L.A's finest food in major hotels, I guess it's lucky they brought Tommy's that are opening franchises just about all over Vegas, but I think Tommy's burgers should also be in one of the major hotels.


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