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V Squared

You've read about Xanadu & I taking on the 28" pizza Gut Buster Challenge. Now...

The next day, we’re at Govnr’s Park located at the corner of Victory and Victory. Last time here, Jimme and I fell a few potatoes short of completing the Govanator in 1 hour.

1 pound my ass!

With Jimme and I it was 4 pounds of the thickest steak fries I have ever seen! Steph had regular fries. But again WAAAYYYY more than a pound. 4 pounds. Add to that the 5 pound meat patty. A full pound of bacon. A pound of bun. A pound of cheese. A head of lettuce. An onion. Two tomatoes. Some pickles. And new since Jimme & I were there, that big ass burger is topped by a normal size burger.

13.5 pounds. One girl. One hour. Let’s get it on!

Condiments are ready.



That's a third-pound baby burger on top of the other one

And it's on...

The camera didn't capture it but there's a packed Happy Hour crowd watching

I squeezed the entire bottle of ketchup in the basket







Go, X, go! More or less, the meat is gone!

Keep going!

Some bun. Some fries. That's it!

Bun only!

Last piece!

Putting away the last bite! And a little tray clean up!

13.5 pounds of food. 3 pounds of liquid.

16.5 pounds. One girl. One hour (not even one hour, 53 minutes).


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