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1st Event

There's a first time for everyone, and mine was Sunday.

Brown Bear Bash. In the Peaman series of races. 1/3 mile ocean swim followed by a 3.1 mile run.

Making the walk over to Kailua Pier. Gorgeous sunny morning!

Getting ready to hop in the water.

Here goes!

I made it. Swim in 20 minutes or so. I forgot to start my watch.

Getting on the shoes for the run. T-bonz had watched others stand on their towels to dry their feet. I wouldn't have done that. Good tip, coach.

That's me in the black long-sleeved. I totally missed seeing T-bonz on my sprint to the finish. I just wanted to finish the run.


Getting signed out.

Here's the turnaround at the mid-point on the run. It took forever to hit the turnaround!

I definitely learned how not to train for an event. With the move and all, I only got in two short jogs in the week before. Yeah that will not work. And the ocean swim is so very different than swimming in a pool. In the ocean there are no walls after 25 meters. No resting. No pushing off the wall. So this first one showed what to improve on: open water swims, transitions, running, training. Everything.

Link to the results in the local paper, West Hawaii Today.

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