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Training Dinner #2

Quick -

At 7pm, I prep four cheeses. Let them cool off. Set the watch to count down from 10, sound off, then start counting up.

When the sammies cool, hit go. Splits for each cheese: 26, 28, 30, 28. That comes to 1:52 for four sandwiches. Not bad. Not bad at all. Extrapolate, and that's about 20 in 10 minutes. IF that pace can be maintained for 10 minutes. That's quite an IF. Figured a better dunk technique: put half the gc in at once, and let it soak longer than I did yesterday. That way, more liquid for one, and then also the wasted time is lessened because I'm not dunking each bite like I did yesterday.

Tomorrow: 10 in 5 minutes.


Anonymous ashimniok said...

YUM - That grilled cheese water looks GOOD!


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