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Lookit This, T-Bonz

So at Rancho de Sunburst we have a one-car garage. We (read: me) have much too much crap - that before I rearranged some things meant we had NEVER BEEN ABLE TO PARK A CAR IN IT for all eight or nine years that we've lived there.

I didn't get a good BEFORE shot of things before I rearranged but look at all this shit.

You can see the cleared little spot for the T. And after the insertion:

It's a tight fit.

Above, we have a metal table that's pretty deep. The T's right up on that.

Garage door is closed. We're in.


Anonymous T-bonz said...

I know why you cleaned the garage!! You're hiding from our neighbor....you're afraid she'll know you're home!! ha ha! Good job, Bub!


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