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I cannot even think of the last time I drank anything alcoholic, let alone a light beer. I would have to say it was at a Sport Shop party in like 1994 or 1995. I used to work at the Sport Shop at Loveland Ski Area. We had some killer parties, and maybe I drank a wee bit more than I should have, or anyone should for that matter. But they were a lot of fun and they were a good excuse to relax after the long retail-selling and ski teching season. But why drink full on beer when there is light beer? It all tastes the same more or less. Anyway, you can totally score some sweet stuff if you take a simple mobile phone quiz about light beer. Full contest rules can be found here: http://brandnoise.typepad.com/brand_noise/scenariodna-survey-sweeps.html. Read that first and then take the easy 10 question text and reply survey. How can that be so wrong? It just asks the beer you drink, who with, and how. What do you have to lose? You have more to win so you should do it. Anyone out there should do this – what could be easier? Cell phones and beer. Now that is a winning combination!


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