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B3 vs. Whole Chihuahua

There is an eating challenge at Cantina in Atlanta. It is called the Whole Chihuahua, a 5 pound burrito. I might be attempting it. The eater has 90 minutes to eat the B3, Chihuahua time is 60 minutes. Let's compare it to the Big Badass Burrito at the Sahara Casino in Las Vegas:

Flour tortilla - 20 ounces
Rice - 18 ounces
Refried beans - 20 ounces
Cheese - 10 ounces
Lettuce - 6 ounces
Shredded meat - 12 ounces
Ranchero sauce - 5 ounces
Diced tomato - 2 ounces
Guacamole - 4 ounces
Sour cream - 6 ounces

Whole Chihuahua:
One pound of rice
One pound of beans
One pound of cheese
Two pounds of meat
5 Tortillas



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