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Bacon Meatloaf!

Last night, Guaps & I checked out Baconalia on the way to the U2 show in Denver. Here it is - Bacon Meatloaf!

I was going to finish off the meal with a Maple Bacon Sundae, but did not. Next time, definitely.

Another shot. The rabbi went with a classic bacon burger.

On to the U2 show.

The Fray opened. We'll skip past them. The stage for U2, wow.

During the set change.

More pictures of the stage:

The screen opened up and spiderwebbed down to the stage.

Great visual show. Maybe the best I've seen, visually. The vocals - when any instrument was playing - sounded pretty bad. But the visual stuff made up for that. I last saw U2 in 1987 when they toured for The Joshua Tree. That show was the other way - incredible sound, and sparse theatrics. Life-changing for me, really. This one did not change my life, but it was a great show.


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