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And #2....

My 2nd event went down yesterday. 3/4 mile swim followed by 3.9 mile run.

My swim start was delayed a couple of minutes because of an equipment malfunction right before the countdown to begin. The strap to my goggles came out. So when the countdown started I had to thread that strap back on. That's always tough but knowing I had to start later sucked.

But I got the strap in, and away I went. The turn around buoy had to be like 8 miles out! It took forever to get there! And forever to get back! The swim took me 42 minutes and change. One pro dude would finish his swim AND run when I was transitioning.

The transition took a few minutes, and I was off on the run. I had taken in a bit too much salty/gassy water on the swim so I got a side stitch right away. After a combination of jogging and walking - though less walking than in my previous event - I finished the run in about 35 minutes.

So there it is. I am happy because I trained more than last time, and it showed. Slow sure. But it all felt better than before. Even with that swim that would not end!

Here's a link to the results.


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