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Wing Bowl Pt. V

Note:G-Money took part in the KBPI Wing Bowl. Here is his guest post.

The semifinals. We arrive at the Pepsi Center, get signed in, and all that. The semifinals are held inside - in the Pepsi Center lobby. Good crowd. All the eaters have assigned seats identified by name cards. Two eaters per table. Before us is a roasting pan with about 5 pounds of wings in it. And a roasting pan upside down on top of the other for the bones. Right before we begin the emcee, Willie B, announces we all have a few minutes to arrange our wings and break the two wing bones because "it's the thing to do - but not in the finals". Shit. Whatever - that makes no sense. What do I do??? I arrange the drums there, wings over here. And I break the two wing bones. Knowing that half the guys have done this in their qualifier and they'll take advantage of this, I debone the wings sort of and plunge some drums. Mistake, as I'd soon find out!

On GO, the drums go well but I have totally killed my wing technique so I more or less just eat the drums. And a bit of the deboned wing meat. And in minute 2 of 5, my right hand slips off as I rotate a drum. MY HAND GOES INTO MY RIGHT EYE! That burns! So I complete the 5 minutes with one eye closed. That throws everything off. At the end of 5 minutes, I put 31 ounces down. Top 5 got 43+ ounces.

I do not know where I finished of the 20, but I know I'm not going to be on the field so we leave. Nothing to stay for.

Looking back, I am pleased that in a few weeks I went from not even thinking about being in a wing contest, to trying, to getting to the semis. I chipped a tooth in the semis, and got profiled by the police after my qualifier win, but it's all good.



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A wing to the eye! Nice.


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