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Eat This Meat.

T-Bonz got away from the Big House and we met halfway for lunch. She wasn't so sure about this place - it was in a strip mall and didn't look like much - but it was great. The winner of several local "best of" awards: Bird Dog BBQ.

I ordered a sandwich with beef brisket and a sliced hot link. And a side of Baked Beans. Big portion, incredible deal. The beans are slow-cooked and seasoned with the eatery’s own barbecue sauce and chopped brisket.

As you can see above, the meat is served without sauce. That is the way BBQ should be. The smoked meat should be flavorful enough. Sauce while smoking the meat = hiding something. Here they smoke the meats with oak. Nothing else.

They had two sauces. A mild tangy one, and a hot one. The hot was hot. To me the hotness and spice overpowered the delicious meat taste. I used the mild sauce.

Digging in.

About half the meat fell out of the sandwich when I picked it up. I was left with a pile of big, hot, tasty meat that cannot be beat.

That was good.



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