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Burger Challenge!

I wanted to get one more challenge in before Georgia. One more good stretch, and also it is always good to go into challenges with a confidence of completing the last eating challenge. And with a record above .500 - after this one, I am 21-20.

We head over to Fat Boy's Sports Bar and Grill for the Grand Slam Challenge. It's a burger, two 1-pound patties, toppings, big bun, along with 2 sides: baked beans and a large order of fries. 30 minutes.

They have a pay phone! A pay phone!

The Grand Slam Challenge.

The meat was really good. Cooked to a delicious medium. Nice grill marks on each patty. It definitely needs bacon though.

Eating the patty.

I decided to eat the one patty alone, then eating the other patty as intended, in the burger. In challenges I really prefer to eat it as intended. But I think I had to eat the first patty alone because the patties were really thick so to eat both patties in the bun as a double cheeseburger would just be too hard. So I eat one patty, and then the single burger.

The single cheeseburger

Greasy goodness!

Last single-patty bite

Digging in to the burger

Patties and bunage all done. Now on to my nemesis: french fries

Fries gone. Now the beans.

Call it.

This might be the saltiest eating challenge I've done. Day after: very thirsty and I think I'm retaining quite a bit of water.

Their prize is actually a good business concept. I had to pay for my meal, but I got a gift certificate for a free Grand Slam NEXT time. So six of one, or one half-dozen of the other. But they do get you - and more importantly your posse - in there again to spend some cash.

Next challenge will be Friday in Atlanta.



Anonymous erb said...

In the picture just above "Last single-patty bite" (and a few others) it looks like you are wearing lipstick. Do you always put makeup on before a challenge?


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