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Rock the Tot #3

The 3rd annual Rock the Tot tater tot eating contest at Bar Louie started innocently enough...

But ended like this:

The tots were prepared MUCH better than last year when each basket devolved into a soupy mixture of cooking oil and potato pieces. Last year was more a hands-only potato soup eating contest.

But as you can see, the tots were almost perfect. Very oily but soft and pillowy potato puffs.

There were 8 of us eating. 2 guys puked during the 6-minute eating.

The trophy

Getting ready

Listening to the rules. 6-minutes of eating followed by a 5-minute waiting time.

1st basket set. Each basket was 1lb.

And we're off. Technique: single tot, two-fisted.

Ugh, woe is me

My 3rd basket. Ate 1/2 of it.


Not gonna do it.

Just one touch of the hardware...

The 8 who ate.

This was maybe the contest non-win that really hurt. Most of the other contests I have not won have sort of been due to some factor beyond my control. Be it the other guy eating better than I expected, or some environmental factor, or whatever. But this tot contest was mine. I was ready - I had good practice runs, and I was ready. Going in, 3 pounds was so possible - both time-wise and capacity-wise. True, I did not do any practice runs over 90 seconds but I knew what was going on. Based on the totals at the Rock the Tot contests last year, 3 pounds would take it.

But I didn't swallow well from GO to STOP. Mouth stuffed all the time. My final second cram sucked because there was no room. I think I lost it there. Though the whole eat was pretty bad. Like last year, I did get 2nd. Last year was a heart break (losing by .1 ounce. Yes, .1 ounce!) but not winning this night really stings because I had great practice runs, I was ready, and there was a trophy up for grabs. Damn.

Winner had 2 pounds 10 ounces. I scored 2nd with 2 pounds 8 ounces. I am unsure of the other totals, but I know that nobody had over 2 pounds or less than 1 pound.


Videos! One of the beginning. And the other one is the end of the contest. T-bonz was pissed at me. I deserved it!



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