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Review: Got Clocks?

People take clocks for granted. They really do. Sure, people do buy clocks that are sort of decorative or special and they have them located in conspicuous areas around their house. Clocks serve a very important purpose for us, and we all have a story about a special clock we have had. I have a story about one I had. It was an analog clock – one with the hands, not digital. There is no big story with this clock but that in itself is a story. That lock, much like a Timex, would take a licking and keep on ticking! It was a clock that hung on the wall, a plain round one with numbers on its face. No big deal. But man was it a work horse! Every now and then it would get knocked around and it would fall to the floor. But I would pick it back up and it would be fine! Sometimes it would get out of sync, maybe the hands would get moved, and it would reset itself in a couple of seconds and be spot on again!

If you want that feeling, get to 1-800-4CLOCKS.com to check out their selection. It is HUGE! Grandfather clocks are cool, but I would buy a new atomic clock and hang it proudly by the front door so I would know the exact time, always! They even blog about atomic clocks! Suh-weet!


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