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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

$5 Footlongs

That's what we were eating at the grand opening festivities at the Subway in Lowry Town Center in Denver.

Only 3 of us showed up to eat in the contest. I don't quite understand why nobody shows up. If nothing else it'd be a free lunch and good times. The event got a mention in the paper a few days ago, they promoted it for a week at the store, and the guy put it on craigslist. Other people had their chance to be there.

But someone had to win. We had 10 minutes to eat all the identically prepared footlongs: turkey, white bread, tomato, lettuce, pickles. They were fresh too. And good. I got 3 down, one of the twins downed 1.5, and the other one finished 1.

My 15th eating contest win.



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