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Jalapeno eating contest at a local Mexican restaurant Jose O'Shea's. And the winner is:

Jimmy Mares with the cash and the hardware

The jalapenos were plumper than I expected. More meaty, too.

All of them seemed pretty consistent in size. Maybe 4" or 5" long, and a little over 1" diameter.

Listening to some rules that they didn't follow

Jimmy Mares shows up at the last minute.

During our heat.

Part of my cheering section that T-bonz recruited. They were quite loud. Thanks, guys!

I guess Jimmy has given up on the whole WLOCE thing after almost a year. Has Jimmy finally seen it for what it is? Or rather, what it never was. Later, Dale Boone.

But back to the contest. Each heat was 3 minutes. Jalapenos were fresh & plump. Contest rules stated eaters could drink during the eating. Anything left in your mouth would not be counted (how would that work??). There would be two heats of 4 or 5 people in each. In the first heat the top eater had 7.

I was in the 2nd heat. At the last moment, Mr. Mares shows up. So we begin our heat. At 2:30, I clear so my mouth is empty at the end. 7 down. Jimmy stuffs until the stop time. And the judges allow it. He gets 10 down. And then I think those 10 came back up moments later. Lame I say!

Even if I had won [I tied for 2nd], I no doubt would say it was very poorly run, judged, and executed. Next year, Jose O'Shea's, hold it outside. The location, in the bar, sucked. And cut off sign ups before the contest begins. Oh, and enforce your rules.


Blogger Don "Moses" Lerman said...

Can't they spare it when It comes to a trophy.that one looks like it cost all of $5.00


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