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IKEA Update

Here are a few photos from my stop at the IKEA construction site in Centennial.

Looking north from southeast corner of the site

From southeast corner

From southeast

From southeast

Looking north from the southeast corner

The foreman trailers are just to the left. This is from the north boundary of the site. The entire site is surrounded by a sturdy chain link fence which is enshrouded with this green covering. The entire east boundary is not fenced - well, the east side butts up to I-25 and light rail.

Lots of digging

From west


This pile of snow is from the couple of inches of snow that fell May 11th

From west

From west

As you can see there is not too much going on. Nothing really sexy yet. There are survey markers up and some digging happening at a couple of places. The site is only 13.5 acres. IKEAs are H-U-G-E so there's no way there can be a building and a big parking area like at the IKEA in Phoenix, so the I think that the IKEA here will have to be like in Minneapolis where the parking is below the store. And maybe that's the big hole they are digging.

But who knows. We'll see.


Anonymous Brian Sweeney said...

Great progress photos of the new IKEA. If you're planning on taking more photos at this site let me know. You can find my contact info at JobSiteVisitor.com.

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