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Training Dinner #2

Quick -

At 7pm, I prep four cheeses. Let them cool off. Set the watch to count down from 10, sound off, then start counting up.

When the sammies cool, hit go. Splits for each cheese: 26, 28, 30, 28. That comes to 1:52 for four sandwiches. Not bad. Not bad at all. Extrapolate, and that's about 20 in 10 minutes. IF that pace can be maintained for 10 minutes. That's quite an IF. Figured a better dunk technique: put half the gc in at once, and let it soak longer than I did yesterday. That way, more liquid for one, and then also the wasted time is lessened because I'm not dunking each bite like I did yesterday.

Tomorrow: 10 in 5 minutes.

Training Dinner #1

Went like this:

O MAN!! I don't know how that guy did 31!! (Note: Eater X ate 31 sandwiches in 10 minutes in a qualifier in Nebraska. 31!!)

Tommye cooked up 5 for me.

#1: ate it normally because I did not know how my body may react to the butter.
No problems.

#2: cut in half - triangle formation. Speed ate the first half. Stopped.
Did the next. Halves in 12-14 seconds each.

#3 - #5: whole, fold in half, dunk before each bite, consume.
Each samwich was about 30 seconds. Wait a few minutes between each one.

So overall, not bad. Tonight I am going to eat 4 in a row. No stopping.
We'll see how it goes. Based on 1 per 30 seconds, that's 20 over 10 minutes
but can that pace be maintained?

The Sandwiches


The Grilled Cheese sammies are made this way -

Two cheap-ass slices of white bread - we're using
Walmart label

Two slices of american cheese - again, Walmart

Stick butter, spread on each external face of bread. About 1
pad per side - Walmart too

So, from the Nutrition facts labels:

Slice of bread, 70 cal, 1g fat
Slice of cheese, 60 cal, 4g fat
.75 tbsp butter, 75 cal, 8g fat

As each sammie has 2 of each ingredient, the math is --

(70+60+75) * 2 = 410 calories
( 1+ 4+ 8) * 2 = 26 grams of fat
That's about 57% of calories from fat. High, no doubt, but not as
bad as I thought it may be.

Gurgitator Ready!

Here's the skinny:

I'm confirmed for participation in the Goldenpalace.com Grilled Cheese eating
contest at the Taste of Colorado on Saturday, September 3. It is an event
being sanctioned by the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE).
I've been a member of IFOCE since early 2003.

This competition is a qualifier for the Goldenpalace.com finals later this
year. If you win the qualifier, you're in. A couple people who don't win
but have the highest total will also get in. Win.

This blog will cover my training (which I didn't start grilled-cheese-specific
until being confirmed. I'm not going to eat these if I don't need to!). I will
blog through the competition and as warranted.


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